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Safety is the top priority at Fasan Jäger LLC Upland Game preserve.

Upon arrival at the Fasan Jäger KlubHaus you will be required to read the safety guidelines and sign a waiver prior to your hunt.

  • No Alcohol prior to hunt / we reserve the right to cancel hunt if suspect to intoxication.
  • Never shoot across another shooter.
  • Don’t interfere with another hunter’s dog.
  • Never put your gun off safety until game has flushed.
  • Don’t shoot at low flying birds or birds on the ground - you may hit a dog or another hunter.
  • All hunters will wear hunter orange.
  • Always maintain a "straight line" when hunting with others.
  • If you don’t know where your hunting partners are, don’t shoot
  • No loaded guns in or on Klubhaus grounds, loaded guns in field only.

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